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What Are You Celebrating?

Venue Selection & Event Planning

The first step to planning a successful event is selecting the perfect venue.

When we ask our couples to envision their wedding day, each couple has a different vision. It may be walking down the aisle in a grand ballroom, sharing a romantic kiss in a floral garden beneath a huge oak, or swirling during their first dance at a dreamy all-glass ballroom. Each of our couples has their own visions and dreams

For corporate event planning, most planners have their own thoughts regarding their choice of venue. A company holiday party might be somewhat informal, fun, and in a more casual venue. Customer appreciation events and product launches demand different needs such as ease in setting up the production, high ceilings, ample and convenient parking with easy access and myriad other pre-requisites.

A perfect venue must showcase the style and personality of the host. It’s the foundation for the whole experience. Planners always seek the venue that represents the feel they wish to achieve during the event. For example, please click “view more” to see the good and the bad of a beach wedding venue selection.

Important——Before you start your search, you will save time and money if you know:

  • The Estimated Number of Guests

  • The Preferred Date or Dates

  • The Preferred Area within South Florida

  • The Approximate Budget for the Venue Rental

Keep in mind every venue has restrictions, curfews, and other rules. Our site contains most of them to save you time. Like the very popular Beach Wedding here in South Florida, the most gorgeous private beach might not be the perfect venue if you are looking at a June wedding.

The selection process can take months. But, the good news is you will save time and money with our concierge venue-finding and screening service. We know the South Florida venue scene better than anyone. Our clients include wedding planners and corporate planners, as well as first-timers planning their first wedding or party.

We welcome you to start your online search to find your venue options. In the meantime, feel free to call or email us if you need any assistance in narrowing down your search or need some personalized advice.

We also provide luxury wedding planner services upon request.

Venue Selection & Event Planning

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