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Venue Details

175 NE 40th Street, Miami, FL

Rental Fees :
Venue Style :
Rooftop/ Outdoors
Event Style :
Corporate/ Social
Capacity : 100
Curfew : N/A


There is something special about a rooftop view; being able to look across the expense of city and sky from above provides a perspective like no other. Now imagine that that rooftop view is accompanied by a rooftop garden. Perched atop the newly constructed Garden Building in the Miami Design District is just that place — The Rooftop Garden. Designed by landscape architect, Nathan Browning with Island Planning, the 5,000 square foot garden features 3 fully-mature Mahogany trees, a maze of Jamaican Spice-Wood hedges, and accented with Philodendrons and Railroad vines. Ambient contemporary lighting and expansive marble seating create an interweaving of landscape and structure that will enhance any event. (More information available upon request)

Location On Map

175 NE 40th Street, Miami, FL
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