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Not everyone will travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota to watch Super Bowl LII so we’ve come up with some ideas on how to host or plan your 2018 Super Bowl party extravaganza!

When it comes to entertaining successfully in your home, a number of important factors have to come together just right: the decor, entertainment and, of course, the food. Pump up the festivities with football-theme decorations and kick off your game-day menu with the delicious appetizers, desserts, and fresh beverages that follow.

If you’re in charge this year, here are a few tips and venue suggestions as to where and how to host a fabulous Super Bowl party.

Décor: If you’re cheering for a specific team, make sure you incorporate their colors into the decorations for the party. You might also want to bring out all your memorabilia of that specific team. If you’re hosting the party and not for any specific team, then just incorporate football themed decorations like napkins, plates, banners, balloons, etc. Create football fever without disrupting your home’s decor. String mini pennants along a mantel or bookshelf for a quick and easy garland. Choose only the competing teams or celebrate the entire league. Strategically place footballs, mini helmets, paper team logos, or other football-theme accessories on the food table or around the party area.

Food: Gear up for the game-day crowd with these delicious party appetizers, cheesy dips, and bite-size snacks. Our game-day favorites include: wings, brownies, nachos, sliders, and more!

Buffalo wings are always a fan-pleaser when football is in season. Trade the tried-and-true BBQ version for a fiery, hot pepper wing recipe that no one will want to pass.

Burgers are often in the starting lineup at football parties and tailgates. Bite-size sliders make perfect portions to mingle with other appetizers at your Super Bowl buffet so these are a delicious alternative.

When a sweet tooth strikes your football fans, be prepared with mini desserts that offer something for everyone. Try bite-size brownies shaped like footballs or mini cheesecakes as a scrumptious favorite you can eat without a fork!

Entertainment: These Super Bowl party games will help you throw the ultimate Super Bowl party this year. They’ll get your guests pumped up for the big game, tuned into the action, and having a blast during halftime and the commercials. The great thing about Super Bowl party games is that even if you have guests who aren’t really into the game, they can still have a great time at your party. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

There’s something here for all types of groups of people, from the football fanatics to those just interested in the wings and beer.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo – Downloading free Super Bowl bingo cards will have everyone watching closely for face-painted fans, cheerleaders, celebrities, timeouts, and more. As soon as someone fills in a row or column they win the round!

Super Bowl Trivia – Have each guest take their best shot at this printable Super Bowl Trivia game. This would be a lot of fun making into a competition of men vs. women.

If you’re not so much of an at-home host, check out some of the suggestions we think would be a great space to rent out for the day!

MAPS Backlot: The Backlot is a 10,500 square foot studio and event space located in the Wynwood Arts District. This stunning and unique space is perfect to invite your friends and family to celebrate anything, especially a Super Bowl watch party! With its flexible and expansive space, it can be utilized in a myriad of ways to create a memorable event.

VOAH: Designed to host epic events, both Campuses have a combined 6,200 sq. ft. of interior space. Centrally located in the hip neighborhood of Wynwood, Miami. This vintage warehouse has natural character that can’t be duplicated, with 20 ft. high vaulted ceilings the exposed steel beams sets off the exclusive space. Adaptive and spacious allows you the freedom to be creative and resourceful in your Super Bowl party planning process!

Atico Wynwood: Atico Wynwood is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind penthouse located in Miami’s world-famous Wynwood Art District. Featuring 3,000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned interior space, including a double-height living room, plus 2,500 sq. ft. of outdoor terraces. Atico’s enormous roof terrace, covered in a colorful, protective canopy and outfitted with a large, professional bar and outdoor shower, is Miami’s most exclusive event space and perfect for your Super Bowl watch party!

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