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With Christmas being only a few days away and New Years Eve following right behind, you may still be searching for somewhere special to host your celebrations. Here’s what to do and how to do it without losing sleep or breaking the bank! don’t panic – just follow these tips!

A. Consider the Most Effective Time to Hold Your Event: While every company schedule is different what may work for you, may not work for another. If your typical schedule is between normal business hours (9AM-5PM), then maybe an extended lunch hour party will work. Take two hours as opposed to one and provide your employees with a variety of displays, apps and a lunch entrée. If this is not an option or it is preferred to host something in the evening hours, a weekday may be your best bet! Friday and Saturdays; though, seem to be ideal, are usually the priciest when it comes to menu selection or reserving a private area. Stick to a Thursday evening for the best deals!

B. Go unconventional: Chances are many traditional venues and restaurants will already be booked. Instead, look for unconventional venues like an industrial warehouse or swanky loft. Not only are these spaces more likely to be available, but they’ll offer a more unique experience that will leave guests impressed. Best places to do it will be restaurants with private rooms, they are often more casual and friendly for a family gettogether. If you’re looking for something a little more formal, like a cocktail reception, we suggest having your party at a unique alternative option mentioned earlier.

C. Hassle-Free Party: When deciding to do a plated entrée or buffet stations, think “How can I do this without all the stress?”. Plated meals often can be presented more formal; however, buffet station will allow your caterer to prepare more efficiently saving everyone the hassle. Along with giving your guests the food option of their choice. When trying to decide on menus, go for something that will make the event to flow smoothly.

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