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For many of us in the events industry, once the holiday season is over, it is often a great time to step back, reflect on the work you and your team have accomplished throughout the year, and plan for ways to do even better in the future.


  • In 2018, we are fine tuning our complimentary concierge services. We know it can be tricky when selecting a venue for any occasion, so we want to make it an easier transition when referring clients to venue managers. Within the first quarter of 2018, we will update all venues listed in detail, so we can better qualify each venue for our clients.


  • This new year we will also expand from solely unique venue spaces to restaurant bookings for smaller parties. This will allow an intimate gathering more options. We will continue to utilize our existing non-traditional or public venue for arts and cultural events, as well as, for any special occasion.


  • As our network grows, we are working with more and more planners, so there is little to no room to miss out on any new venues and/or planning techniques. With more collaboration we can: 1 – Always be in the know with industry news and 2 – This allows us to service the client if they have needs for planning. New planners in our network means fresh ideas with combined expertise!


We are all excited for the New Year New Us. And if you are an event insider, feel free to reach out to us to know how we can work together!

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