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Venue Details

297 Northwest 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127

Rental Fees :
Venue Style :
Bar/Night Club/ Indoors/ Outdoors/ Museum / Gallery
Event Style :
Corporate/ Holiday Party/ Baby Shower/ Social
Capacity : Front Garden 100-80
Main Lounge 80-50
Mezzanine 50
Wynwood Exhibition Center 100-80
Back Garden 150-120
Total: recption 480
seated 330
Largest space: 7,560sqft
Curfew : 3:00 AM


One of the most unique venues for Miami special events, this eclectic hotspot layers art upon nightlife upon celebrated cuisine for something completely different, since 2009. Cafeina is a multi-versatile event space, housing a variety of charming areas within its walls. (They seem to encourage contacting them as there are few details listed on the single private booking page, 305.438.0792)

Location On Map

297 Northwest 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127
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